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As one of the leading labels in Downtempo and Electronica, Amselcom has forever been near the forefront of change. Our goal has always been to bring the world closer by removing barriers and letting sounds and rhythm demonstrate humanity’s true, loving nature.

Amselcom is an ever growing group of people releasing music.
The original founders are Andreas & Tanja, who created Amselcom in 2012 in Berlin.

Early collaborators are Rafaele Castiglione, Daensen, Sarah Kreis, Biljana Pais and Tiefe Wasser Berlin.
Today Amselcom is run by Skydrips, Solatic, Jonas Schilling and Andreas.


Skydrips & Tiefe Wasser Berlin – Nach Hause (Official Video)

“Nach Hause” is the first track of the upcoming EP “Heimweg” by Skydrips & Tiefe Wasser Berlin.

The way home after a club visit can sometimes be more exciting than the previous party itself.
Mysterious, impossible to classify, or filled with special and abstract impressions.
That is the theme of this song – from the parallel society back to reality or the other way around.
After a journey through the big city life, this track welcomes you with open arms, hour, (after)hour.

Let’s welcome Helmet Lampshade

Helmet Lampshade’s voice, weathered by years of musical adventures, cuts through the electronic haze, reaching deep into the listener’s soul with its haunting resonance. In perfect blend with the pulsating rhythms and shimmering textures of his indietronic-soundscapes.

For Helmet Lampshade, the essence of music lies in authenticity and intimacy. To celebrate imperfections: the subtle noise, crackles, and pops that add depth and character to his sound. In a world flooded with glossy studio productions, Helmet Lampshade returns to the essentials: making tracks that are honest, expressive, and filled with genuine emotion.

Helmet Lampshade’s recordings serve as a sonic collage cut out of everyday life – from the rattling sounds inside a crowded furniture store to the chirping of birds on a Saturday morning in the French countryside.

His unique approach to sound and sampling captures the symphony of life in all its chaotic beauty: Everything can create sounds and anything can be music.

Máhé – Lifting (Official Video)

Máhé is a classically trained guitar player. He studied at the jazz conservatory and has been producing electronic music for a decade.
Through experimentation with different musical styles – from classical to jazz and hip hop – he has found his own individual style that is both intellectually and emotionally exiting. Music that can both be soothing and stir you up.

The music video to „Lifting“ was made secretly by Máhé’s girlfriend Liza Lukácsi without him knowing about it. It shows his family members sharing made-up memories at places that were important throughout Máhé’s life. A very personal video for a very personal song.

The pulsating lead sounds as well as the bassline were created with a Moog Grandmother. Several field recordings serve as a gentle aid in quieting the mind.


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