The end of Amselcom – as you know it

Dear friends, music lovers and supporters of Amselcom,

things are changing for us at Amselcom and i feel that i should let you know about it. My name is Andreas, some of you know me as the guy who runs the label together with Tanja Ruh and Rafaele Castiglione. I was in a crisis and lost the path of life – desperation, loneliness and fear of the future was my daily business. Berlin wasnt good for me anymore since the last 3 years, and it took me that long to fully realise and act against it. You can imagine how hard it is to leave this city after 12 years, all the people that i love are there, all the places and memories and of course: the idea to become sucessful with what i do is closely bound to Berlin cause it all started there.

During this times i have seen no future for Amselcom, i told some of you that i might give the label to some of my partners and leave it. But i have found a better solution for Amselcom and this is closely related to the fact that i left Berlin. I am now living in the black forest, we found a place in the middle of nowhere where things are alright. Mentally and also physically i am a new person, i have made peace with my demons and feel love for every being that i meet. This is so strong that i gained a whole new level of trust in myself and the universe. I feel home and welcome here, i have a place where i love to be and that inspires me to create new things.

The 4 weeks that i am here now have taught me a lot and this is where the changes at Amselcom have surfaced. People here are good to me, and i am good to them – we have an exchange that i never thought is possible. I have simplified my life and get new strength from this. I eat food from our own garden, from farmers and artisan people who take pride about their products, no more supermarkets.

Amselcom will be an organic label for sustainable products. I will expand the label and seek collaboration with likeminded people here.

The most important info for you as a fan and supporter is that we wont accept any money in exchange for the music. beatport, itunes, amazon, google music, spotify – Who are these people? I dont now them and they do their best to keep it like this. They take most of our revenue to secure their monopolistic status in the industry. The contract with these shops is canceled, and will end after Q3 2018.
As a temporary solution we will use Bandcamp as a platform to distribute our music. In the longterm i am looking for people who help me building a new website that allows free downloads for a recommendation.
For each track you want to download, you will have to send a recomendation to a friend.
This system will make sure that the world wont forget Amselcom. We will email our fanbase infos about new music and sustainable projects that we support from their donations. Yes, you can donate to Amselcom, but this is totally free, no obligation to donate money for the music you download. You in touch and let us know what you want to do for Amselcom, we need your support in every possible way and we prefer non financial exchange.

This is inspired by the unconditional base income and the fact that music should not have numbers attached. Our covers are untouched pieces of art, so will be the music: pure sonic experience with no bindings to any commercial system.

• I dont want our music to have a price – it always felt wrong to type in the amount of money i want to get for a download
• I dont want that our music appears in any charts that are fake & manipulated anyway.
• I dont want follower counts and likes to express the quality of our music.

• I want Amselcom music to be free for everyone in the world
• I want it to spread free like water
• I want Amselcom to become a holy place where only the law of nature is in effect

It might be a long way to establish this new website, but this is my only perspective to continue Amselcom. The capitalistic system has made me a book keeper, a tax payer and a person who was always afraid of the next big flop in the release history. Praying for a chart entry and hoping that the financial breaktrhu will happen anytime soon. Did you know that most releases have never even recouped the mastering costs? this is something that made feel terrible over time. You can see your donation as an investment in a brighter future and as a strong symbol against capitalism. We will continue to promote the music in new ways and raise quality standards even higher. I will spent the same time, energy and money in the production of your music. If you know ways to reduce the mastering costs, please get in touch – this is our main problem at the moment. From now on it is impossible to illegally download Amselcom music. But its illegal and against the law of nature to sell our music.

If you like the idea, please head over to our Bandcamp and first download all the albums you love. Please note, i havent had the time to set each track to zero payment units, please download the full album if you dont want to spend money for our music.
Its most important for me that people who download our music free dont feel bad about this.
Always remember, this is unconditional and you are welcome to download our whole catalogue.

If you are a music maker or a label who wants to sell music commercially, i recommend to contact the lovely people at Paradise Distribution. They have helped us along the way and made things possible in an easy way. They are based in berlin and know a lot about the electronic music scene.

Our facebook page is about to expire!
Please share this message with your friends and also copy it over to your social media sites.
If you have read this, please unlike Amselcom on facebook so i know when the time is right to delete this page.

People on facebook convinced me that the page should stay :) I am not the right person to maintain it thats why i am looking for a social media specialist to run Amselcom on facebook. Please get in touch if you like to do this.

All the best for all of you.

Andreas und Baum

“Wer sein Glück liebt, teilt es mit anderen” Werner Sprenger