About Us

As one of the leading labels in Downtempo and Electronica, Amselcom has forever been near the forefront of change. Our goal has always been to bring the world closer by removing barriers and letting sounds and rhythm demonstrate humanity’s true, loving nature.

Amselcom is an ever growing group of people releasing music.
The original founders are Andreas & Tanja, who created Amselcom in 2012 in Berlin.

Early collaborators are Rafaele Castiglione, Daensen, Sarah Kreis, Biljana Pais and Tiefe Wasser Berlin.
Today Amselcom is run by Skydrips, Solatic, Jonas Schilling and Andreas.


For booking requests we are happy to connect you to any artists that are associated with Amselcom.
Please contact us via booking@amselcom.de.

We are working more closely with the artists listed below.
Please click on the images and use the booking form.

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    Thank you for your interest in releasing with us.
    However, we don't take any new demos right now.
    If you still would like to convince us and really believe that you are a perfect match for Amselcom, you will find a way to reach us.

    Amselcom is made by artists for artists.
    We are always looking for ways to celebrate the music we love.
    Please get in touch for label showcases, collaborations and new ideas.

    We are always looking for DJ's, bloggers and people in the media to spread the message across.
    Please tell us why you want to receive Amselcom promos and how you will use them in the club, radio, or any other relevant media.

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