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Jonas Fasching (formerly known as KlangDruide) is a DJ and live act from Berne, Switzerland.

He loves to play long and extensive sets, where he can really showcase his musical vision. You can be sure that his selection will be well prepared and give an insight into what is currently hot but also what’s cooking in his own studio.

His dreamy melodies and harmonies are an invitation to experience the world through the ears of a curious child. His live performances on stage are characterized by the depth of joyful organic downtempo electronica, ranging from 100 to 118 beats per minute.

Jonas is a musician with a clear vision about what to perform in his sets. At the same time, he understands the job as someone who is responsible to make people dance. His sensible antennas are always feeling the vibe and he knows how to choose the next track to accomplish his mission.

Inspired by silence, nature and the subtle changes in our society, he captures sounds that touch him and uses them as the foundation for his emotional and catchy tracks. With releases on labels such as Amselcom, Acker Records and Sofa Beats, he reaches out to the world.

“With my music I want to bring people together and intensify time in its present moment.”

KlangDruide im Studio

What to Expect?

We like to speak about two things that make a great gig: DJ skills and the person with its ability to transmit a feeling. Jonas Fasching has both of these abilities and is not afraid to use them so the crowd will follow his colorful sets into the morning light. 

DJ Set: 95 – 118 BPM, 2 – X hours
Live Act: 103 – 115 BPM, 1 – 2 hours

Socials & Media

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Click here to view the DJ feedback for his latest EP “We Are Strangers” on Amselcom:

Labels & Releases

Jonas has been releasing with Amselcom, Acker Records and Sofa Beats. His music has been regularly playlisted by DSP’s and can be found in editorials at Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

Technical & Hospitality Rider

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KlangDruide mit Arm

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