Dolph combines trippy, mostly smooth vibes with yet undeniably bouncy, irresistable grooves. As a pioneer, he not only embraced, but also helped to shape the very essence of the niche where his musical soul finds its home—Downtempo.

From his early days exploring the worlds of Hiphop and Electronica, this Mecklenburgian maverick has sculpted a unique sonic identity that dances between shadows and light, seamlessly blending organic and electronic elements into what he calls „Metahop“ – “slow but steady!“.

Now, after years of honing his craft through various EPs, he is ready to unveil his debut album, a testament to his evolution as a producer – „Absolut Relativ“ promises to elevate his signature sound to new heights.

What to Expect?

Uppers and Downers.

Liveset: 60 – 110 BPM, 1-2h
DJ-Set: 60 -120 BPM, 2-3h

Socials & Media

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Labels & Releases

Dolph’s releases and remixes have traversed the globe, finding homes on labels like Amselcom, Akumandra, Heimlich, Serafin Audio, 3000°, Acker Records and many more

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Photos: © Monika Leichtfuß

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