KARIYAN Artist Portrait
KARIYAN Artist Portrait


My name is Kariyan and I’m a German/Kurdish musician from Vienna.

Making music has always been very inspiring for me because it allows me to convey emotions that I find difficult to communicate in real life. Also creating music gives me a tiny bit of truth that I can hardly find in the real world

In order to get a detailed picture of a new song, I often record everyday noises with my mic to give my songs some background color. I like the idea that there is a background noise in my tracks that almost nobody notices, but plays a role in understanding the emotional content on a subconscious level. This is the first thing I do when I start a new project. Maybe I’m just using this approach as an excuse as I’m afraid of standing in front of the blank canvas and don’t want to face silence while starting a new song. I’m still not sure.

While I love all facets of electronic music, I want my songs to have a little bit of fragility and flaws. I want them to be organic, with some mistakes here and there, like we humans are. Because of this, “real” instruments that have a resonator like a guitar or piano play a big part in my songs. I’m also very inspired by music from different cultures. Sometimes I see myself as an archaeologist trying to find lost jewels that the world has forgotten. I’m trying to find these old pieces, polish them up and make them understandable for people today.

KARIYAN Artist Portrait

What to Expect?

While his Livesets mostly consist of his own downtempo productions and unofficial remixes, KARIYAN is also known for his driving melodic house/techno sets.

Live Act: 90 – 120 BPM
DJ Set: 110 – 125 BPM

KARIYAN Artist Portrait

Socials & Media

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KARIYAN Artist Portrait

Labels & Releases

KARIYAN has been releasing with Amselcom, trndmsk and Data Snacks.

KARIYAN Artist Portrait

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KARIYAN Artist Portrait

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