Mi Naturaleza

Released March 2021
Amsel 057

I am born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Since I was a child there was great curiosity and attraction for music.
My first interaction was the choir and singing classes in school.
At young age I started learning about music through singing.

As a teenager I learned to play guitar and flute.
Once I finished School, I decided to travel through Latin America, playing with my guitar or flute and singing songs in restaurants to support me on my journey.

In my voyage I learnt about different cultures and how people live in different communities.
My travels influenced and inspired me with many types of musicians I kept meeting on the path.

It took me 4 years to finally come back to Buenos Aires, I felt a deep desire to learn music production and I deeply felt my birth place was the best option for me to learn again as a student, coming back to my roots.

I came back and started diving deep in piano and music theory lessons. My thrive was to create and materialise my own songs. Record them and learn about music and production in a profound level. One has different ways of sharing their inner being, their creativity.

I feel each one of us has a message, a legacy to transmit in this world, to inspire, to bring richness and beauty. Music is part of that personal message I want to share with the world. Music unfolds my path into self-knowledge.

Artwork by Carolina Nino Büro