Jonas Schilling Artist Portrait


Jonas Schilling is an electronic music producer and composer from Berlin. As a multi-instrumentalist and sound explorer he likes to work with everything that sounds. The urge to be surprised is one of his main motivations. That’s why every Jonas Schilling track starts with experimentation and improvisation. 

As a part-time German teacher he regards music as a language and rhythm as its grammar. Is it more important what you say or how you say it? Does right or wrong exist in music? Is it “der”, “die” or “das” Kick Drum?

His compositions are often born out of deep melancholy being rescued by optimistic warmth. After spending some years in Berlin’s electronic scene, his music is also reminiscent of countless Sunday afternoons on sunlit dance floors. Besides writing music as a solo artist, he is also composing for theatre and contemporary dance projects. 

Jonas Schilling Artist Portrait

What to Expect?

Jonas Schillings live sets combine a strong drum driven dance experience with the harmonically and melodically rich warmness that are key to his compositions. His aim is to transform his productions into a new and unique form, leaving space for live instruments, improvisation and the magic of the moment. 

Live Act: 105-115 BPM

You can also book a DJ set for an equally versatile but little heavier house feel.

DJ Set: 110-120 BPM

Jonas Schilling Artist Portrait

Socials & Media

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Jonas Schilling Artist Portrait

Labels & Releases

Jonas Schilling has been releasing with Amselcom since July 2022.

5778 as well as following releases were featured in major Spotify playlists, leading to half a million streams within the first 4 months. 

Jonas Schilling Artist Portrait

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Jonas Schilling Artist Portrait

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