Kris Berle


For Kris, making music is a way to release emotions and envisage her true self through trial and error. The diverse sonic worlds that she has built over her career invite the listener to explore layers, textures and feelings within a repertoire shaped by her own exploration.

She believes music should be appreciated in different ways and the broad spectrum of genres existing worldwide has allowed her to explore different fields. In her creative process, Kris admits she doesn’t know exactly what the final result will be, preferring to be led by intuition, and seeing the process as a “dialogue” with sound.

What to Expect?

Whether as a producer or a DJ, Kris Berle transmutes what she hears and lives. Her style is eclectic, deeply rooted in shades of techno, ambient, IDM within other genres. BPM experimentation is something she also likes to explore with, breaking barriers of how things should be and letting her inner child to play around. Kris will continue to follow these dreams, signs, experiences, to build many more depths for us to explore.

Socials & Media

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Labels & Releases

Kris has released on Amselcom, Hug Records, trndmsk, KIOSK ID and more.

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