Solatic [səˈlætɪk]

Derived from the word ’lunatic’.

  1. A person being possessed by the sun and its powers and qualities.
  2. An electronic music artist from Berlin.

Growing up in a small town near Berlin, little Solatic was known as Luca. He always felt drawn towards the sun as a symbol: warm and bright, like his personality. Along with that, he felt a close connection to music throughout his life. But listening just wasn’t enough: he wanted to make his own.

After moving to Berlin in 2014 and a few tries with the classic teen garage bands, a whole new world welcomed him in its colorful and comforting ways: the Berlin club scene was just what Luca needed.

In awe of the diversity, the loving and open community and the capturing beats, it felt like the perfect place for him. Getting inspired by artists like Iorie and Monolink, Luca found a way to express himself using his voice and instruments and started his electronic music project in 2018.

Thus, Solatic was born. Since then, he keeps creating tracks that are melodic, dreamy and multi-faceted. Just like himself, they can be playful and energetic, but also calming and mindful.

Solatic Artist Portrait

What to Expect?

Solatic’s DJ sets are a journey through deep and melodic vibes, meeting in the middle between Downtempo and Techno. With carefully crafted buildups and drops, he creates an immersive experience that captivates and energizes. Expect to be taken on an emotional and rhythmic ride that balances introspection with euphoria.

Solatic has recently expanded his artistic horizons with live performances, weaving his own tracks into a dynamic and cohesive set, enriched by live vocals. It is an exploration of his artistic evolution, transforming his studio creations into something new. This way, Solatic invites his audience into a more intimate and engaging musical landscape, showcasing his versatility and deep connection to his work.

DJ Set: 100 – 125 BPM, 1 – X hours

Liveset: 115 BPM, 1 hour

Socials & Media

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Labels & Releases

Solatic has released on Amselcom, Serafin Audio Imprint, Metanoia, Rebellion der Träumer, 3000Grad, Stil vor Talent, Kamai Music and more.

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