Skydrips is a live act from Berlin, Germany.

Growing up on the german coast, he always remembers how ocean and horizon become blurred at a certain time of the day. This natural spectacle is the foundation of his name.

Inspired by the techno culture at festivals in Mecklenburg where he observed how people got lost in music led Skydrips to create music himself. Now he curates moments in which the audience might forget about the world.

Skydrips captures adventures in nature which are the base for each of his tracks. Analogue synthesizers and digital effects are built on top until his signature trance sound comes alive.

As an eternal dreamer living between the city of Berlin and its close-by nature he can be found in his studio for days but also out in the plain nature doing nothing for the same amount of time.

These days everything is focused on creating music and performing it live.  Combining edits of his own tracks with spontaneous moments that can only be heard once. Meanwhile uncountable pieces of gear passes Skydrips hands, so there is constant change and alteration in his music that can be heard throughout the releases. 

The duality of this scenario resonates in each of his lovingly crafted dance tracks. You will always find a robotic groove paired with a light hearted trance theme contrasting as much as possible with each other.

The challenges of this twist might be heard in Skydrips tracks. That is why he believes in the energy that is being transmitted with his Music.

Skydrips – That blurry line between ocean and sky.

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What to Expect?

Become blurred and get lost.

His live sets and productions have something in common. It is all about creating moments in which the audience loses the levels between the beginning and the end.

Mingle different house genres with various hard- and software Skydrips brings up an harmonically dream trip between the past and the future.

Get on a journey to the bottom of his heart and his musically existence. Emotional empowerment transferred through machines directly to human receiver.

Live-Act: 100 – 115 BPM

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Skydrips has been releasing mostly with Amselcom.

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