Swiss duo Nährwerk, arrived onto the electronic scene in 2018.

Touring throughout Switzerland, Germany and Mexico, Nährwerk have established themselves as a performance duo unlike any other. They spare no effort when it comes to their live shows; bringing drums and Synthesizers on stage.

Combining a variety of sources, be it audio synthesis, field recordings, live drums or percussion; everything is utilised and modified to create their diverse and distinctive sound; electronic music which unites the crowd on the dance floor. 

Recorded, produced and mixed at the Nährhaft Recording Studio (CH), this variety is something the two Jazz-trained musicians (Joël Banz and Janic Haller) then bring to the Club. Not something for ascetic puritans, Nährwerk mixes analog with digital, improvisation with arrangement and self conceptualised Instruments with an acoustic drum kit. Their live-sets are an experience in themselves, redefining and setting the bar higher for those that use the term “Live” in electronic music today

What to Expect?

The best way to experience Nährwerk is by booking them for a full Live Set. This setup requires a stage with enough space to accommodate their instruments and more time to set up before the show. 

You can also book them for a Live Set without the drums, which in return calls for less space and less time to setup. 

Contact us directly to determine which set up best suits your event.

Live Act: 110 – 120 BPM

Socials & Media

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Labels & Releases

Nährwerk has been releasing with Amselcom and Under Your Skin Recordings.

Technical & Hospitality Rider

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