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Amselcom is not an agency. We are a group of artists releasing on Amselcom who convinced the label to give us this platform.Therefore we can act flexible and make thing happen as we imagine bookings in a perfect world. We are using the synergy of the collective and are dedicated to work with likeminded people.

Amselcom is a division of
Vogelsang Digital OÜ
Sepapaja 6
Tallinn 15551
Telefon: +49 176 314 064 56


Amselcom is made by artists for artists. We are always looking for ways to celebrate the music we love. Please get in touch for label showcases, collaborations and new ideas.

    DJ Promo

    We are always looking for DJ’s, bloggers and people in the media to spread the message across. Please tell us why you want to receive Amselcom promos and how you will use them in the club, radio, or any other relevant media.