Judith Ahrends


Judith Ahrends is a Berlin-based musician and producer. After starting her musical journey on the streets of Seattle at 18, she studied music in Hannover, Germany, later forming her first band.

After moving to Berlin, her focus shifted to electronic music. Digging deeper into the unending freedom, she creates unbiased and naive songs, right on the edge of Downtempo and Pop.

What to Expect?

As an extremely diverse musician, Judith Ahrends is also working on a rather club-focused live set to be played this summer, and an album called O R T E wich includes seven tracks with german lyrics and seven Pictures she is painting.

Socials & Media

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Labels & Releases

During the past few years, Judith has collaborated with a broad range of artists and released on labels such as Friendly Connections, Amselcom, Hug Records, Fine Beatz, Drossel and Stil vor Talent.

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