Dear artist,

You are invited to join Amselcom publishing. Please read the information below carefully and get back to Andreas if you have any questions.

    Are you affiliated with a performing rights organisation yet?

    If yes, which one?

    Your IPI number is a 9 digit code

    If no, please upload a scan of your ID (Required for IMRO, BMI registration)

    I have read the terms and agree to them by uploading my signature

    The Deal

    The split is determined by your performing rights organisation’s standard share.
    Every collection society has their own royalty model, at Gema for example it’s:
    Performance: 2/3 for the writer & 1/3 for the publisher
    Mechanicals: 60% for the writer & 40% for the publisher

    The initial term is 3 years, then auto renewed yearly.

    Sync deals are shared 50/50 between You and Amselcom.

    All details of the Amselcom publishing agreements are here.

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