Synchronized Artwork

Various Artists

Released February 2018
Amsel 027

Synchronized Artwork

The artists behind Synchronized feel that 2018 will be a year of change. Society is transforming and we are growing in ways never before imaginable. Technology allows us to create kings from the masses and gives those who would, a way to connect and share anything with anyone at anytime.

But, this new paradigm is built on fragile ideas of instant gratification and acceptance, and sometimes the smallest whisper can topple the house of cards. It is with this vulnerability in mind that Amselcom has produced this EP, each track chosen for it’s ability to reach those who look to reject this new way of life and be a part of a more meaningful evolution through our biological circuitry.

Bruce Riley’s cover artwork closely represents this organic network that links us all together. In a world where biology is being replaced with technology at a quickening rate, the hope is that this collection will remind us of our humanity and guide us back to using the same cellular social structures of our ancestors.