Various Artists

Released Mai 2020
Amsel 042

Did you understand me? Let me rephrase in order to confuse you better. I want to be misunderstood and improperly categorized. As soon as you think you know me, I shift my shape like Eglė and you will become a reptile. If you put me in a cage I will transform into a tree and my roots will be free until the end of time.

Say it again, I don’t understand. Come back home, I miss you. Sometimes I need to restate in order to send a clearer message. Words can’t heal insanity but in the end it’s infinite trust that holds us together, strong like the sum of everything and nothing. We need to destroy ourselves once in a while, just to rebuild from scratch and start a new chapter of love.

A ritual has opened your eyes. Departure into separate worlds, our universal language extinct slowly. Like a rainbow I can’t find you anymore. The cosmic loop of life is closing and my reincarnation is decided.

Linda Westin’s visual message offers brightness to things being hidden in the dark. Her alternative view on reality has inspired me to restate and go deeper on my search for the truth.