Umami and Headwaters Sabrn and Bakn

Umami & Headwaters
Sabrn & Bakn

Released November 2020
Amsel 050

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The Umami & Headwaters ratio

Headwaters from Izmir

Umami from Space

Umami & Headwaters

Sabrn & Bakn are two street kids from India. They have come a long way to shout their message and wake us up.

Two voices captured by chance – transformed by Umami & Headwaters into a call for spiritual guidance. 

We can keep on falling into the vertigo of cultural distraction and let the signs of life pass by. But we also have the choice to wake up and heal ourselves from the wounds that keep us from evolving.

Thank you Sabrn and Bakn, we are thinking of you in awe and this song carries your inspiration. 

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Umami and Headwaters Sabrn and Bakn
Artwork by Cristòfol Pons


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