Trippin Jaguar
Night Over Eridu

Released Mai 2019
Amsel 032

Acid Pauli: :-) :-)
Be Svendsen: Awesome EP
Niko Schwind: In love with Night Over Eridu
Makossa (FM4): great deep tracks, will play
Madmotormiquel: Nice ep
Jacob Groening:  :) :)
Dandara: =) <3
Kaldera: absolut beautiful thx
Armen Miran: full support:)
Sabo (Sol Selectas): Dandara and Arutani remix for me thanks
Coss: great release! thanks for sharing <3
Franksen: gotta airplay
Landikhan: Brilliant EP
Bonfante (Kamai Music ): nice one!
Foolik: nice ep

Enki’s promises have brought me to Eridu, now im full of hope and expectations.
In my dreams night falls over the city of art and creation and magic while my eyes adjust to the rays of the sun.

And reality was even more colorful, the procession absorbed me with a magic swirl and I was unable to make a clear decision against it. This is the moment in my life where I lost control, I was not myself anymore and things started to happen faster and more intense than I ever experienced. A cosmic ritual was happening, did they celebrate my arrival? The next thing I remember was the water flowing out of Enki’s shoulders while Inanna seduced me to drink from it. They where fully aware that I had no idea what is gonna happen to me and they seem to enjoy my innocent questions. Totally delivered to the gods in the temple of Eridu, I was praying for mercy as I thought this would be my end. There was no pain, no suffering but I felt this was my execution.

The next morning I woke up in Inanna’s lap and she was smiling and demanded a gift from me. I said that I have nothing for her because I didn’t know that a transformation has been happening and I am a new being. The water I drunk from Enki’ shoulders gave me the skill to tell stories through music. No matter what instrument they passed me, I played songs that everybody couldn’t even imagine in their sweetest dreams. I could read people desires and fulfil them with ease.

After a concert that went on for 3 days I was tired and they let me go. This new power in me was meant to enchant the whole world, not just the people in Eridu. As soon as I reached home, I was meditating and wrote this album.

y friend Ed Capos came to visit and hardly recognised me. Immediately he begun to draw me as he thought this was a moment to keep. He knew something has changed but he couldn’t guess what it was. Only when I played him my latest compositions he begun to understand.
Thank you for listening,
I have made this for you.

Trippin Jaguar aka Francesco Robustelli