Trippin Jaguar - In Transit by Gabe Weis

Trippin Jaguar
In Transit

Released June 2020
Amsel 043

What is conveyed at first sight might or might not be the message which was originally intended. Perhaps there’s no intentions at all, but are the emotions experienced merely a mirrored version of one’s own inner mechanisms.

The creative process can be seen as a journey with no clear starting point or goal in sight. A story with no beginning nor end. An eternal pursuit, trying to grasp a perspective on reality which is always changing, always In Transit. Can we find solace, knowing that we’ll never know or grasp it all?

Documenting his search through sound, Trippin Jaguar created In Transit as tribute to these eternal enigmas. To let the mind ponder defines its existence, so go forth and let the psyche prosper.

The artwork of Gabe Weis seamlessly connects these themes through his work in which he explores inner emotions, feelings and perceptions of reality at any given moment.