Trippin Jaguar Arecibo Cover

Trippin Jaguar

Released May 2017
Amsel 023

Trippin Jaguar Arecibo Cover

Arecibo is a place that represents something fascinating to me. Located on Puerto Rico, it is the home of an enormous radio telescope in the middle of the jungle. The telescope studies celestial bodies and the radiation they emit. The Jaguar explores these kind of dualities in music; biological and technological, spiritual and scientific, modern and ancient, celestial and earthly.

Duat was inspired by an ancient Egyptian myth. The Duat is the place where the deceased Pharaohs would journey to after death. Guided by guitarist Raffaello Visconti the song takes you on a trip through the underworld, full of challenges, riddles, monsters and supernatural beings. When the deceased would successfully have made their way through the Duat, they would enjoy eternity amongst the Gods.

Astraea was born out of a particularly difficult mushroom trip. Starting out nice and peaceful, at some point a spark ignited in my head, and from there on i was stuck in a loop of negative thoughts. My existence, everything about what it meant to be myself, got folded into each other, back and forth, while trying to be present in all these different layers of reality. The whole thing had an evil quality, but at the same time, it was beautiful.

The Zebra Centauri remix of Arecibo takes you on a futuristic and intense journey. Cosmic synthesizers combine with radio waves sent from deep down in the jungle. Leaning more toward the electronic side this remix sends the listener on a journey from Earth to the stars.

Visual artist Bakea invites us to have a glance into another world, an alternate reality where musicality seems as a part of nature as the mountains and clouds across the skies, perfectly lining up with the otherworldly yet organic atmosphere of the EP.