Tiefe Wasser Berlin

Released September 2020
Male Cmos

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Tiefe Wasser Berlin - Mermaid
Mike & Lena aka Tiefe Wasser Berlin

TIEFE WASSER BERLIN originate from the Berlin based band Yukazu that was formed by Mike Hermann and Lena Krüger. After various constellations with highly skilled musicians, the band collapsed after their 100th concert by its own claim. There is beauty in destruction, the core of the Band is now revealed and shows itself in the pure forms of beauty.

Let’s leave gypsy polka behind and get into more mature soundscapes, Mike & Lena said while they coined the new Genre: Contemporary Mantra – that is Ambient sound with a twist of pop and enchanting vocals.  

While mike plays the Guitar and composes most of the songs, Lena is writing the lyrics, plays Guitar and Flute. While they have been on stage in clubs like SO36, BiNuu, Lido, Katerholzig and the Fusion Festival, they feel that their future is rather on intimate events where people actively listen to their message.


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