Tepeme's message of love - Artwork by Bruce Riley

Symbiosis – Tepeme & Amselcom
mixed by Pol Balam

Released 28. March
in the year of 2020

After the first conversations with Andreas, we immediately found ourselves in similar life situations and of course, we identified with each other because we both manage a label.

Since the beginning, I recognize he and Amselcom have been inspiring and encouraging me to grow the Tepeme label and my dj project Pol Balam.

Now, in these uncertain times, we increased our conversations about how each other is doing and what we can do to collaborate to help the labels and the artists. 

We came up with the idea of a concept podcast, mixing Amselcom & Tepeme tracks, including unreleased material from both sides. 

The very thought of it filled me with expectation and joy, as I didn’t imagine how fun it would be to mix and express the beautiful resonation in music that we have. Playing and arranging the tracks together felt like telling a story in which every one of them is a chapter that connected almost in a literary form with the next one. The result of chaining Amselcom and Tepeme together track by track moved me and reinforced my perception about how deep is the link between our projects.

The story of the mix and the intention behind is to keep building the bridge between Europe and Latin America, while sending a message of love to everyone.

The Chicago based painter, Bruce Riley, created the visual expression of the mix. He states that a painting usually starts out in emptiness. There is no real plan in the beginning except to paint itself. He makes marks or floods the surface with binder, manipulating it with different materials as it sets up. “Since I’m not trying to define space or an idea, engagement with process and materials becomes my primary focus”, we sure can relate to this mindset in terms of creating a mix.

You can purchase the individual tracks and support the artists involved directly here:

mit all meiner Liebe,  Jose

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