Stefan Johansson
Artist from Stockholm

Connected with
Dominik Petzold

I think the reason why my art and Amselcom matches so well is because music has always been an inspiration for me. Especially minimal and ambient works by John Cage, and various Techno artists.
You understand my process very well, Its seldom people really understand what I am doing.

In my work i created several rules that i try to follow. It is always process based and I never fake anything.
I follow the process because I love the materiality of the paint and I search for a logic for painting to develop a meaning in its own sense.
Maybe it’s a personal thing for me. You now in painting history, illusion has been a mayor thing (To fool the eye). That is what I mean with fake. My way of painting is more process based. I never hide anything under a new layer of color.

Many ideas are tested and developed in an early stage, you could call this the experimental layer.
And when i get to paint the actual piece, i get inspired by the process and new ideas spawn out of this.
A never ending story, like a dog chasing its own tail.
I work with coincidence so a lot of accident happen, its learning by doing.
Half of the paintings I make, I discard.

My curiosity leads me to new ways of producing a painting and arranging colors differently.
Sometimes when I feel that it gets too complicated, I search for simpler ways to archive the same goal.

It’s my believe that I can never fake anything, if you are really interested in something it shows.
I have newer work digitally, I think the like the materially and handling of the paint , its always start there…
I am in a happy state of mind when I paint, and in a deep concentration.

There are some different themes that always come back, like the rainbow grid theme.
I am never really satisfied, it’s always a something to search for. I am not even sure if i’am advancing, It’s a more circular motion. Maybe I have refined my colour choices over time.

I see something beautifully sublime in simplicity, especially when coincidence is a mayor player. Its like Apex twin is most beautiful in his simple recordings. It is really hard to be simple and you need courage because it’s close to kitsch in a way. And I get the feeling that I lose something of that when work with too complicated brushstroke patterns for example.

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