Alquimia Solar

Released October 2019
Amsel 037

Rhythmic patterns arise from the overlapping rotation of planets around the sun. These rhythms are harmonic and dissonant. They create beginnings and apocalypses. They are silent and loud. They glide through dark matter of the cosmos like chemicals down a funnel: merging, collapsing, morphing, exploding.

Out of all these planetary movements, there is one couple that has shaped the sonic matter of Alquimia Solar: the mystical encounter of Mercury and Neptune. These planets inhabit the thresholds of the solar system. They intercept the full electromagnetic spectrum of the sun and a myriad of mysterious signals from the vastness of outer space. Mercury flows like liquid, as the metal of thought, materializing fiction into form. Neptune orbits cold, like a supercomputer of the spirit realm, conjuring worlds, simulating impossible physical laws.

What happens when these two planets intersect? When liquid metal spills into an absolute-zero dream-chip, when cold meets heat, when illusion greets matter? Santi explores these questions in a language more ancient than words.

Subsonic frequencies disrupt the fabric of space. Incessant noise bends the linearity of time. Viscous harmonies entangle the cosmic swirl. Geplantes Nichtstun and Acid Pauli join Santi and fuse their own potion to the mix in this ever-changing solar alchemy. Jan Kalab’s “Blue Sun” visually captures the intersection of elements depicted in this album.

Santi & Geplantes Nichtstun at Mensch Meier, Berlin