Riyoon - No Minds Land

No Mind’s Land

Released December 2019
Amsel 038

Riyoon - No Minds Land

Riyoon is an exploration into the mind. Embracing the paradoxes and dualities of life: the opposing forces of light and shadow, peace and fear, attachment and release, freedom and confinement. 

Riyoon wants to guide you to a state of surrender and acceptance; to a place where two opposing forces can co-exist in harmony; to a place of no ego, no mind, only presence. Riyoon invites you to leave expectations behind and surrender to the impermanence of reality. Be present, be here, and be-you-to-full.

Owen Gildersleeve and Stephen Lenthall created the cover artwork. Their study of the relationship between light and shadow as the natural counterpart is another way to No Mind’s Land.

Inspired by meditation, solitude, impermanence & Thailand.