DJ From Nürnberg, Germany

rafaele castiglione

Rafaele Castiglione is an electronic music artist from Nürnberg, Germany

He was discovered by Amselcom a few years ago as they instantly recognised his talent for making beats. Since then he has become the label’s main artist, and his creativity is a driving force for Amselcom.
Rafaele has worked with an array of bands, vocalists and musicians including Yukazu, John LaMonica, Hang Massive, Ewert and the 2 Dragons and iMonster.
He is known for his ability to evoke a deep mood through his music. Rafaele gets dancefloors moving with his energy and groove, but also brings about feelings of melancholia with subtle arrangements and softer sounds.
Rafaele enjoys performing at clubs around Nürnberg and Berlin including E-Werk, Chalet & Sisyphos. His favourite gigs have to be the Open Airs in the summer – where he can smoke and play records whilst in a natural surrounding… this is his element.