Okuma Artificial Tree cover

The Artificial Tree

Released June 2019
Amsel 033

Okuma Artificial Tree cover

Janoma: Super EP! All tracks are great <3
Iorie: Sehr schöne Platte!
Franca (Kater Blau): Great work! will def use for my Yoga Chronicles Series
Madmotormiquel: simple but nice
Alvaro Suarez: Thanks you for the music :)
Coss: great release! thanks for sharing <3
Kaldera: love the whole ep thx full support
Timboletti: Sweet package, thanks for sharing <3
Ninze & Okaxy: FETT!
Landikhan: Amazing music as always! Amselcom is one of my favourite labels so far. Thank you :)
Unueberlegt: yeeeah
Makossa (FM4): great tracks will play
Jacob Groening (Kamai Music): Nice Lush Sound!
Elif: sounds dope hope to catch them live soon then
Laurent N: Another Top Ep on Amselcom ! Great stuff by Okuma

There is a flute made of special wood. With its tone I open my soul and sing silent, silent songs. Nobody hears me but all the creatures in the forest, even the smallest ant hidden under meters of snow wait for my signal that says: Wake-up, dance and laugh with me ’til the mystery is revealed.

People told me lies and manipulated my inner self to believe that my life would be better in the city. When i arrived there i had to realise that the artificial trees don’t respond to my signal, my senses were numb and I felt lonely. They seduced me to do a job so I could buy things I didn’t need. I exploited myself to the rhythm of the clock that drives society into uniform mode. A concept that i never understood and couldn’t follow at all. In the end i failed to comply to the rules of the city and went back to my almost forgotten habitat, where the souls already awaited me.

Now that i am back home, I still suffer from the restlessness that had almost driven me insane. It was against my nature and the force that was used against me took its effect. The lesson I learned from this experience is to believe in myself and don’t let others interfere with my plans anymore. The music you hear is that feeling translated into the modern world, so you can respond to my signal and someday start playing your own flute of special wood.

I also want to thank @heysupersimi for the image she took of the artificial tree. Everyday i look at it and remember those times. For my first musical publication i have used it as the cover image, you are looking right at it when you play my music.