Oedipa Maas - Real Illusions by Joe Webb

Oedipa Maas
Real Illusions

Released February 2020
Amsel 040

Oedipa Maas - Real Illusions by Joe Webb

Behind our individual identities lie a complex sequence of events. We spend years defining who we are through experiences, ideas and thoughts. But what if identity is an illusion? What if our sense of self is constructed by millions of ideas outside our control? Does this still make us real, if only to ourselves? 

The line between the real and the illusory is delicate. Ideas, concepts and words define who we are, but they can’t be touched, they don’t physically exist. So what does exist? Does something have to be concrete and physical to be real, or are concepts and metaphors real too?

This EP is about perception. It’s about the power of ideas. It’s about embracing randomness. It’s dedicated to the dreamers, the shakers, the movers and the makers. We’re all born of civilised madness, so let’s go with the flow.

Looking at the cover of this EP, we get a glimpse of the deceptions our brains are capable of, illustrated by a master of illusion, Joe Webb.