Musto & Rietze
Tipping Point

Released August 2016
Amsel 017

Tipping Point unites what what always supposed to be united. Florian Rietze and Luca Musto found each other to be their perfect creative complements.

With Florians feeling for forward-oriented basslines and Luca Mustos sense for magical melodies combined with hypnotizing beats, the two form a perfect symbiosis of outstanding creativity.
Subtle melodies Inspired by the outdoors lead to a natural lightness in their sound. The endearing depth of the EP is a perfect fit for peaktime highlights as well as intimate moments in smaller venues. London’s celebrated newcomer in pop art, Benjamin Craven, has understood the spirit perfectly and designed a spot-on cover artwork.
Tipping Point contains lots of love and a special mood that you hopefully enjoy as much as we do.