MONKYMAN-Acid Love Story Ep Amselcom Cover Artwork

Acid Love Story

Released December 2020
Amsel 046

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Monkyman Acid_Love_Story_Cover_Amselcom
Acid Love Story – Single – October 23 – 2020
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MONKYMAN-Acid Love Story Ep Amselcom Cover Artwork
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Felix Spitta aka Monkyman

holds the world record in studio time. Jokes aside, this guy has a crazy story to tell – let’s try to keep it short. Namibia 2008, Felix started the HipHop Band Hustlenamics and was on stage with Massive Töne after releasing a 20 track album. Back in Germany his solo project Flex was born. Even today the self made videos are frequently clicked on YouTube.

After a short flirt with the major music industry, Felix took a turn into the underground music scene, where he can enjoy the liberating effects of the electronic music clique to the fullest. 

Monkyman’s live gigs show that his vivid contribution to the genre is highly anticipated. The lovely resonance of the crowd proved that his music is a crucial step in the evolution of Downtempo.

Amselcom works closely with Felix to combine his experience from Rap, Pop and Band backgrounds into the Monkyman project. Featuring profound lyrics in german, english and his own fantasy language.

Acid Love Story is a snapshot of Felix’s current state of mind. We understand that you fell in love with this style but don’t expect a repetition on the next release. His hyperactive spirit is already exploring new sonic playgrounds.


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