Lukas Koch Biljana Pais Be with You

Lukas Koch & Biljana Pais
Be With You

June 2015
Amsel 006

Lukas Koch Biljana Pais Be with You

Here is our young producer Lukas Koch with vocalist Biljana Pais on a classic house trip.

We love Lukas´ work for its fresh and quirky appeal, you can really hear the person behind
this beats. No fear of pop themes, Lukas knows how to combine solid beats with happy melodies.
Biljana comes in to give this a deep and musical touch, with all the emotions that can only be
expressed by her voice. She has the rare talent to understand a track and elevate it to the next
level with her vocal arrangements.
The result is a very unique and powerful record, that moves the crowd in summer 2015.
Amselcom proudly presents the result of this fruitful collaboration between 2 artists from entirely different genres.

Like a shout in my ear
I don’t hear
Hit me
I won’t feel the pain
Not any more
Your nails scrach into skin
Your eyes scrach my heart
I turn around
But I dont fall

Be with you

Like a cry in my ear
I dont fear
Hit me
I do see the change
Still I long
Your nails scratch into skin
Your eyes scratch my heart
Turn around
But I dont run away
Any more

Be with you
And i feel i want to cry
But i cant
I feel i want to leave
I cant
I m sure i have to leave
But its strange
I just want to
Be with you