Le Pacte Yawning


Electronic music duo from
Jerusalem, Israel

What does the name “Le Pacte” mean for you?

The story behind our name started when me and Jonathan traveled to Greece we met an Austrian guy named Maximilian.

In one of the nights we sat with him in a taverna and he played us a track called ‘The Pact’ by Tinush.

We fell in love with the vibe of the track and it became kind of our anthem.

Years later when we decided to start an electronic music duo we remembered that night and decided to call ourselves Le Pacte. The reason for the French name is that Jonathan’s mom was born and raised in Paris.

How old are you? When did you meet?

Both of us are 21 years next month. That’s in April 2021.
Me and Jonathan have been friends since the age of zero. Also our Dads are childhood friends and both grew up in Jerusalem.

How do you see yourself in the global music scene?

Our vision includes a lot of emotion and meaning behind every track.

For every track we have a memory or story that created it.
Notre Amour tells a story of a heartbreak Jonathan had gone through a few months ago. I remember the night we started working on the EP, Jonathan was broken, so we told ourselves- let’s make music out of it, but with no words.
The second track of the Amselcom EP is Birds, which tells the story of growing and passing a heartbreak. The whole EP is a story of a process- from being broken, to becoming strong – the simple things in life.

Some of the tracks are stories we would be happy to tell, and some are secrets :)

How would you describe your sound, what Genre is Le Pacte?

People keep asking about genres. These days all the genres are totally mixed together, We can’t really give a solid answer. We aren’t really thinking about it too,
We release stories.

What does Emanuel do / What does Jonathan do in Le Pacte?

Jonathan is a pianist. He plays from the age of 4. Emanuel is working with different DAWs since the age of 10. At the age of 16 Emanuel started teaching Jonathan all about production and mixing when they started the project, at the same time Jonathan started teaching Emanuel all about music theory.

Nowadays both of them do both.

How do you start to write music? Can you describe the process?

We start from a story or a memory from the past, and then we think about a connection between a track and a memory- It can connect with the rhythm, harmony, general feel or whatever feels right.
After that Jonathan writes basic chords, from this part on we just work on it for days until it’s exactly how we imagined.

Photos by Kellsie Claire Villaluz

Le Pacte – Birds / Notre Amour will be released on Amselcom soon.