Artist from
Bologna, Italy

My name is Ivan, I am a musician based in Bologna, Italy.
I was born and raised in Sicily where I got influenced by mediterranean coast sounds.

When I was a child I used to stare at the stars, lying on the lawn for hours just to visualize the milky way. The name Latteo is a reference to the Via Lattea, which recalls that infinite space I found inside myself.

My years spent in the colorful Tuscany helped me to develop an artistic sensitivity that I now use to characterise my music.
After many years playing other people’s records, I am now working on my own sound that you might call acoustic deep house.

My music contains exotic elements that I have collected while traveling this planet.
It was my dream to combine the raw power of analogue acid synths with tribal rhythms and field recordings in a way that represents my Italian heritage.

If you listen carefully, you might discover how bird songs can be used as lfo.
Or the growling winds that you hear instead of synthetic white noise.
I went out to capture stormy thunder so these melancholic december chords wouldn’t be alone anymore in my songs.
I care for poetic lyrics with a deeper meaning. Therefore i collaborate with vocalists who have the same desire to express a rather unusual message.

I feel that my music has gone through a kind of meditation with me.
After all these years of research and experimentation I think the time has come to share this with you. Audible love that brings us all a little closer.