LandRausch Original Cover by Samm Escobar


Released October 2020
Amsel 049

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LandRausch Original Cover by Samm Escobar
Cover artwork by Samm Escobar
Tiefe Wasser Berlin - Mermaid
Mike & Lena – Tiefe Wasser Berlin

Landhouse & David Rausch

joined their creative minds into this beautiful project. Accompanied by Bassara and Tiefe Wasser Berlin, this release has some exciting colors to reveal.

When a remixer adds new vocals, we call it Revox. And this time you hear Bassara singing for the first time :) Yes, we love Bassara and their way of touching music, this one is really delicate and deserves your attention.

New at Amselcom: Tiefe Wasser Berlin – Old friends of the label but in a new outfit. Lena & Mike from Yukazu (Remember Amsel 001) are back with a new project that will be debuted by Amselcom in the near future. Their track is about the birth of a mermaid and you will love the misty, german vocals.

The topic of this release is sleep and the various problems to get to it.

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Sleep is holy – yet we don’t always cherish the beauty of the dream world. We escape rest to run in circles, chasing goals that seem more attractive than the fragile calmness of deep sleep. In this over saturated world, we may reach a point of no return and find ourselves at the edge of sanity. We could take an honest look at ourself and step back from this sporting life. But we’re holding on to the promises of the 24/7 mentality, yet constantly looking for alternative ways to survive the pace of a modern world.
Somniferum is perpetually offering options for moments of relaxation. You might want to turn down the lights with one of the most powerful mantras known to mankind. Its temptation constantly calls for the long distance runner and it is hard to beat its patience. One day you might wake up and realise that it’s too late – the holy mountain has moved and won’t easily get back into place.

Embodied by Samm Escobar’s “Human” and inspired by Lee Curac-Dahl

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