kalupke cover artwork by levauves

Thank Me For Having You

Released July 2019
Amsel 034

kalupke cover artwork by levauves

Kalupke invited a stranger to their studio and he played the jazz flute to their track. His name is Ron Burgundy but he could go under any name you desire.

Ron is a fictional character who has strong intentions to change your standards and convince you to let loose. Taking himself less serious than any other person is a trademark established by mister Burgundy. You can join his movement and start by playing your own flute. If you encounter Ron Burgundy on the dance floor, we highly recommend to shake all you got, forget the world, forget the people. Please let us know how it felt, we are waiting for you to become unprepared like Ron.

John Paul Fauves painted the scene with an attempt to illustrate the happenings around this release. His statement is that growing up is a trap but at the same time the opportunity to become like a child again evolve if you transcend from this ego nonsense. Some where asking who the guy in the middle is, it’s the soul manifested in flesh.