Judith Ahrends - Run Cover

Judith Ahrends

Released September 2020
Male Cmos

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Judith Ahrends
Judith Ahrends

Judith Ahrends – Run

Don’t wait for me to day,
I just need to run for a day away,
Don’t think I’ll be gone for ever,
No I’ll be back when the sun is coming up

Don’t say anything- let go,
I need to run away- bit more, don’t think I’ll be gone forever,
When I’ll be back I feel much better.

Everybody ‘s sleeping no one hears me sneak,
Deeply in I’m breathing silent air.


Here you are my pond,
Found you without want,
Foot is sliding in,
My Leah’s my head my skin,

Soft wetness around,
You ‘v taken all the sound,
Here I hear myself,
Sink down to the ground,

Underwater tunnel leads me to the lake,
Light is getting brighter nothing in the way,

Run …

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