Judith Ahrends

Released July 2020
Amsel 044

My windows are dirty
I still see the sky
a small line of blue and white

The pen that I’m using
smells ugly but I
keep writing, my head up high

When morning is waking me up
I still hang on to
my dream

An idea can grow
and slowly sneak into me

Cup black coffee in the kitchen
tracy on the radio

While my thought make a walk
and I just let them go

My window is open, pigeons are talking
and the garbage truck is making thunder sound

put my fingers on the keys
and let them roll around

If I look really carefully around in my room.
I can find it up on the shelf – looking at me
and it whispers

If you wanna sing with a cow go and find one
If you wanna draw a picture than do
If you wanna climb on a mountain go barefoot
or just be were you are and look at the small line of the sky you can see

Did the day pretty well
and I’m glad to see my bed

Put the pillow in my back
and take a book to read a while

Say good night to my walk
which are patiently are there

Close my eyes
open the door
and go in 

Elias Hopkins | Cello
Stefan Thomas at Studio A Berlin | Mastering