Jacob Groening Haidi EP

Jacob Groening

June 2016
Amsel 014

Jacob Groening Haidi EP

Right in time for the dancing folks’ migration towards the meadows, we present you Jacob Groening with his Haidi EP.

For our 14th release, Jacob showcases his love for detail and expertise in crafting slow but powerful organic deep house.
Starting off this dazing selection, you will be picked up by ‘Haidi’ and get instantly infatuated by the oriental heat this track delivers. Accompanied by a ponderous bassline and subtle guitar, the hearty vocal meanders alongside trippy soundbits in the perfect tempo to sway in the open air.

Once again, we’re happy to have our dear friend Ninze on board, whose version of ‘Haidi’ is yet another ode to Ketapop. He twists the original and adorns it with his distinctive sloth flow.

To counter these slow endeavours, ‘Siddhartha’ is packed with a sinuous beat that is fitted for the later hours. While the ritual voice and sitar are keeping it low during the breaks, the driving bass guarantees to get your feet moving.

The archetypal downtempo gem ‘Mr. Barron’ smoothly rounds up this release. It combines a mystic chant with easy keys and a bassline so dirty, your mom wouldn’t let it out of the house like that.

With ‘Haidi’, Jacob Groening delivers a carefully elaborated package of lovely melodies, solid grooves and his stunning sense for sound design and detail. Davorka Andjelic aka @tilly2milly underlines the idea of this Ep visually with her magical style.