Ice Dream Social


Ice Dream Social is an alt-pop duo from Berlin and Cologne, consisting of Sebastian Maier and Jirka Wunsch.

Their style of modern pop music was first expressed on their (very DIY) EP “Daggus”. The combination of Sebastian’s clear, vulnerable voice, his catchy yet playful vocal melodies and Jirka’s fondness for experimental sampling with field recordings are the starting points of their work. These aspects are refined on their debut album “Jin-Woo”, creating a clear artistic identity, which remains rooted in ambivalence nevertheless. Nostalgic yet modern soundscapes, emotionally charged melodies and unyielding beats create a space for personal stories. The lyrics talk about feelings of loss, longing and new beginnings in relation to oneself and in a_romantic relationships of recent years. Jin-Woo is the name of the common friend who lives on in memories and symbolizes what launches us into weightlessness.

What to Expect?

In their live sets Ice Dream Social like to play around with their songs, sometimes adding a new instrument to raise the energy, other times stripping songs down to their core for a more intimate interpretation. Everything is held together by a passionate vocal performance and the playful dynamic between Sebastian and Jirka.

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Ice Dream Social will release their debut album on Amselcom.

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