Harro TripTrap

Released August 2017
Amsel 025

Harro TripTrap wants to bring you on a journey, to remove you from the confines of yourself for a moment and let the essence of Soulmate elevate you to a place where your heart and mind are free.

Freedom from your body, your thoughts and ego, letting your inner self break out to look for the one. With this peaceful collection, the artist hopes to help the listener transcend the physical and allow the soul to journey on this quest unhindered.

By creating a calm and harmonious platform of sound and rhythm balanced by the delicate vocals of Anes Krpic, Harro Triptrap has offered some guidance for those who are still searching, a way to transport you through the unnecessary and provide you with a clear mind to see the truth. Only through this disconnection can one truly expect to find that one, a Soulmate.

The embracing textile art of Alexander Hernandez captures the theme of this EP by showing that there can be no judgement, only acceptance and love when your soul is complete.