Hanne Adam Trust Love Cover

Hanne Adam
Trust Love

Released April 2017
Amsel 022

Hanne Adam Trust Love Cover

While the world keeps spinning its circles, we are holding on to something different – a Mantra inviting us to do what we’re longing to do: Trust Love and Trust Hope.
Amselcom welcomes Hanne Adam. As an artist coming from an electronica, experimental and dub background, we’re proud to present her newest work – full of warm synthesizer sounds, delicate melodies and melancholic soundscapes.

Hanne Adam’s productions are complex and fragile: unconventional soundscapes, fairy tale melodies and melancholic moods that are at times deep, and never too dark. Coming from a background in electronica, experimental and dub music, her sound is all about warm synthesizers and an almost tribal rhythm, topped off with her intuitive way of telling beautiful stories.

Italian Duo 2040 used their creative force to carve out the techno elements of the original track, adding their signature thrusting drive and hypnotic feel in a wonderful interpretation of “Trust Love”.
Trippin Jaguar rounds off the journey with his infamous organic flow and endlessly details in an ear-bending remix of “Trust Hope”.
And lastly, Dragos Sulgheru from Rome puts all this emotion into a picture that speaks the same language and matches the tone of this Ep: Trust Love, and ye shall receive.