Gottlieb Scheppert

Gottlieb Scheppert
Der Große Junge

Released May 2016
Amsel 013

Gottlieb Scheppert

Gottlieb Scheppert reached back into his childhood and brought forth two highly evocative tracks.

Remember your first fever? Trippy dreams that mess with your head, give you dry mouth and dripping sweat. With “Fieber”, Gottlieb artistically transmits fever onto the dancefloor.
A sluggish bassline, buzzing percussive particles and deeply mystic vocal shreds that combine into a dark dream-like sound-collage.
No less mystic, but with a greater driving intensity, “Kindheit” will bring you back the feeling of your early years. While being wrapped up in a veil of darkness, the drums persist to keep you moving forward, accompanied by echoing organic chimes.

“Der Große Junge” also comes with two intriguing remixes, joining it together into a powerful release that mirrors the very spirit of Amselcom, bringing people together to achieve something quietly beautiful.
Lush Life’s Ninze & Okaxy took on “Fieber” and gave it their amazing slow-motion touch while keeping it rooted to the dancefloor.
And to get the utmost out of “Kindheit” we brought in our friends from Ursl, Soukie & Windish, who lifted the dark original just enough to illuminate its lightheartedness.
Rounding out the package, El Grand Chamaco gives this release a face by illustrating the Big Boy cover artwork.