From Mind To Set

Released April 2020
Amsel 041

Feinheitsbrei - From Mind To Set

My name is Simeon, I make music for you as Feinheitsbrei. 

In my process of creating sounds there is always a layer of emotion that seems to influence a track enormously. I have the feeling that each mood i have is directly writing some meta information into the music i make. 

Therefore it is possible that you as a listener could have the same, similar or totally different feelings while you dance to these tracks. How could we explore the deviation and accordance of these feelings in some statistical way? I don’t know the answer and maybe it’s good that we can’t measure this easily. 

Direct communication is the natural barrier that is implied in this phenomenon as you would have to tell me your feelings while i play my music live. Try it! I will definitely answer you with my honest feelings about this specific track that is playing then.

Feinheitsbrei - From Mind To Set

Hypnotized by the visual accompaniment, I feel well understood and at home in the spirals of Louis Leung’s Awakening.