Seasons Of The Mind

Released October 2016
Amsel 018

Seasons of the Mind describes the beautiful life cycle of human emotion. Antoine Verbrugge takes you through the highs and lows of his life with this very personal Ep, showing a deeper side of the artist known as DkA.

Whether remembering the past or focused on the future, the title reflects upon the paralysis of the soul when it’s lost in what we call the Wander of Thought. . . your thoughts are left to govern your life, instead of living your own reality that is the present.

Memories of an abandoned playground behind DkA’s colourful and complete face speak of a long lost childhood, impossible to return to. John Paul Fauves chose this for the cover artwork as an expression of liberation, knowing we move on to a better energy through the cycle of life.

The joy and pain of growing up, maturing and near death experiences are all here, described in four captivating tracks that Antoine wrote during difficult phases of his life. This collection of psychoactive tracks is released with a desire to plant a seed in your mind and renew hope that might have been lost along the way.