DkA Ps I Love You

Ps I Love You

December 2014
Amsel 005

DkA Ps I Love You

Since DkA aka Antoine Verbrugge signed to Amselcom he’s already contributed two remixes with his remarkable sound signature.

Menacing as an upcoming winter, this Ep brings a very dark mood upon.
We are proud to present DkA´s first solo ep.
It’s as melancholic and longing as a snowy winter’s night could be.
It’s as warm as a heart could feel when being in love.
“PS I love You” is the note at the end of a letter, that turns it into a loveletter.
Rafaele Castiglione carefully reworked Ps I Love You.
While the theme stays the same, the remix is a different handwriting for the very same words.

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