Electronic music composer
From France

My name is Adrien. Known as Didacte when I compose music. I was born in France and just moved to Stockholm, Sweden after 10 years living in Madrid, Spain. 

I am passionate about the opposites of immediate improvisation, and focussed sound design. I am more and more convinced that some of the improvised takes should exist as they are: Raw, honest, wild and direct. As a trace of what was and wanted to be. 

When I create music, a lot of attention goes into silence as I feel that it is the place that allows sounds to exist. It can also reset our attention, and give us insights about ourselves.

When i started to play musical instruments as a child, I was already strongly intrigued by the infinite number of different shades that a single note can contain. How intention can overtake complexity. My music is a lot about expression, repetition and evolving progressions. 

While I was playing the drums in several band projects we were experimenting with genres. I have discovered the joy of polyrhythms and already knew that I want to explore the borders of what is possible in terms of creativity. 

Only in 2010 I have discovered electronic music, which felt for me like finally coming home to a place where all these musical elements could finally converge beyond genre limitations, and where I could explore independently the entire musical and frequency spectrums.

For now I only have DJing experiences, but I have in mind to build a Live set from my music at some point. I also love to improvise on top of other tracks, so DJing with some extra synths on stage could be an intermediate step.

Music is one of the pillars in my life. The others being mathematics and spirituality. It is maybe just about being curious and investigating what we are experiencing, whatever this may be. My ambition is to transmit an intuition of what lies beyond words, of this wider brighter state that can be felt when music leads us beyond thoughts, concepts and rational thinking. Therefore you can see my music as an invitation to inner silence. To a state where the sensation of listening might trigger more than just the auditory nerves.

Music is also a very human experience for me. A way to grow through connecting with a wide range of people, visions and cultures. 

Finding unity within the sound experience, stronger than all the differences than can divide us easily. A common ground where any plant can grow, and where all roots are connected.