David Clement
Follow Me Home

May 2014
Amsel 002

You will recognize the feelings in David Clement ‘s Follow Me Home, it captures the moment between the intense, ritualistic celebration of a night on the town and the quiet return home.

In a cold world, we try to cling to the sensations of togetherness and of belonging before the morning comes. David Clement captures this poignant longing, this wistful loneliness, in beautiful, evocative lyrics.

You said you wished away the sun
You said it like your work was done
In the stillness of a perfect snow
the full moon lent you its halo.
Your moment broken by a sound
a crack of branches weighted down
We both left alone
you said, follow me home.
There’s no one else left on the street
we pass my house I almost speak
I know you see this godless freak.
I wanna be the peace you need
and I wanna bring the calm you seek
and I wanna be the air you …
We both left alone
you said, follow me home.
you said you wished away the sun
so why’d you let the morning come?
you’re watching while I fumble around
and I want to talk the sun back down.

David Clement NY 2013

Written by David Clement
NYC 2013