Dandara & Arutani Cover

Dandara & Arutani

Released July 2017
Amsel 024

Dandara & Arutani Cover

Is it possible for two people to connect across an ocean? Through music, rhythms unite and passion will keep the bond alive. From Europe to South America, Dandara & Arutani have been using their collective spirit to nurture a voice that speaks of a shrinking world. At times they were separated by vast distances and submerged in contrasting environments.

Each half was allowed to grow and develop on their own, only to reconnect stronger, wiser and more complete than ever. These two friends have emptied their musical pockets together, bringing a unique style that is refined by personal growth and the exploration of the world we all live in.

Heartache touches on love, loss, distance and friendship as it merges tribal expression and signature beats to create spiritual music for modern urban dance rituals. Native sounds permeate tracks that are a testament to the global sounds of humanity and a deep musical friendship.
Equiped with modern music production tools, the two friends melt their gathered experience into the future of house music.

Valiantly slaying a monster to console a lonely soul is a theme shared in the folklore of many cultures. In the cover art, @farawayjoe has captured this idea of triumph and reconnection by piercing the heart of the dragon.