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I am always committed to sourcing new talents in the field of
music and visual art as I strive to enhance our creative experience.
Send me a link to your work via Email:


A few pointers to submitting your precious work

We are looking for unique electronic music productions that can be characterised by exciting compositions, arrangements and cutting edge sound design.

Are you a talented artist, writing music and want to get your idea produced by us?
Our artists here are forever trawling for vocalists, keyboard players, writers and any other musical talents out there. If this appeals, and your idea is fitting for an electronic context then send over your raw demo.

At Amselcom we recognise the importance of fantastic video artists who are capable of producing clips with a strong artistic message to partner our musical releases. If you are working with motion pictures- get in touch and send your ideas in a reel, or simply by explaining it to us.

Our release history is an ever-progressing exhibition of modern art. With every musical release we feature a visual artist accompanying the musicians. If you are creating captivating images and want to appear on Amselcom, then let us see your work- send a link as we are always looking for images to use as cover artwork.

Our artists are always looking for exciting, fresh material for DJ performances & podcasts. Do you want your tracks get played by Amselcom DJs? Send us links to high quality mp3 downloads and provide us with the following information: Record label, release date, format.