Caldrew World within our World

A World Within Our World

Released August 2020
Amsel 045

Dj Amiga – Shizuku featuring KlangDruide & Caldrew

Release date: 31. July 2020

Dj Amiga

Lukas Endhardt – Faint Young Sun

Release date: 7. August 2020

Lukas Endhardt

Zuma Dionys – Furyosa

Release date: 14. August 2020

Zuma Dionys

Headwaters – Sacred Peace

Release date: 21. August 2020


Rapossa – Carouselland

Release date: 28. August 2020


Monkyman – Masque Zaouli

Release date: 4. September 2020

Felix Spitta aka Monkyman

Bummela – Devil Man

Release date: 11. September 2020


Sadhu Sensi – Ukuphiliswa

Release date: 18. September 2020

Sadhu Sensi

Release date: 18. September 2020

We are living in the slow music microcosm that grows in sync with our heartbeat. We are developing this new world together, individually, as persons and artists alike. Our movement is the symbol of a new humankind that puts love and friendship before all else. We are soul ravers who call for a new way of relating to all living creatures on our shared planet. Raising our voice from within a community with a higher consciousness and awareness of the principles that unite us in love.

Amselcom feels at home in this new world and we are trying to see the humans behind the consumers of the music we release. The world within our world is open and borderless because we are led by emotion and instinct. This Utopia is leaving the oppression of religion and politics behind. Instead we are gathering to experience ourself in ways that align closer with the idea of a new humanity.

The artists on this album are selected to represent a new generation of musicians who combine their roots with todays technology in a fluid interplay. Written to reinforce feelings of togetherness and unity in a world we are trying to rescue before its collapse.

The cover artwork by Joshua Lambus is dedicated to the never ending journey towards light and happiness.