Brussels Pony Club Nightland

Brussels Pony Club

Released February 2017
Amsel 021

Brussels Pony Club Nightland

In Brussels Pony Club, Antoine ‘DkA’ Verbrugge and Parsifal Marin merge their musical forms to create a new style. A unique flow pulling from broad roots of techno, new wave and pop set with deep, swooning vocals. Brussels Pony Club Nightland will guide you into a pool of melancholy emotion where the truth is unsaid and darkness brings out the light.

Born from the dirty Belgium rave scene, BPC weaves sound and rhythm together to build a hypnotizing atmosphere. Deep beats and breaks push the audience up by the end of each track, feet firmly on the ground, heads up in the sky.

They’re shedding the weight of materialism and being released from the status quo, bringing a natural and organic energy back to the dance floor. Brooklyn artist Chad Gordon represents these consumer culture ideas with his cover work, the Price Tag Warriors forever fighting repression and opening eyes.